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Kingswood Primary Academy

PE and Sport Premium

Our Vision for P.E.

Here at Kingswood Primary Academy our vision is to provide the highest quality PE and School Sport for all children, of all abilities.

PE and Sport Premium Funding at Kingswood Primary Academy.

For full details of our 2020-2021 aims, spending and impact  please see the "PE and Sport Premium 2020-2021" attachment below.

This funding was  used to raise teaching and pupil attainment throughout the school, increase pupil participation in sports and to promote exercise as part of healthy life style that goes beyond school.

For full details of our 2021-2022 aims, spending and intended impact please see the "PE and Sport Premium 2021-2022" attachment below.

This year it is estimated that we will receive  an estimated £17,800. On top of this we will have a carry forward of £15,100 from last year's Sport Premium.