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Kingswood Primary Academy

Help with accessing Airhead/ Teams

Greenwood Academies Trust use Microsoft Office 365 and a platform called ‘Airhead’ to access documents, emails and websites via ‘launchpads’. All children can create their own personal Launchpad as well as access shared launchpads created by their teacher.

All children log in to their ‘Airhead’ with individual usernames and passwords. They can then access their documents which are stored in a cloud-based OneDrive account which means they have access from any internet-enabled device any time of the day.

To access Airhead from a non-Trust device; Firstly, open up a web browser, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, enter "" into the address bar and the page below will load.

Click on login at the top right of the page, this will load the page below. Select your academy. Use the text box to enter the name of the academy, you should see suggestions pop up. Select your academy and the page will automatically load the Academies page.

The children will then be taken to the sign in page, where the academy username will need to be entered.

The username is made up of; the first 4 letters of the surname, first letter of the first name followed by 19.70 (Y1), 18.70 (Y2) 17.70 (Y3), 16.70 (Y4), 15.70 (Y5) and 14.70 (Y6) and because it is a non-trust device this will need to be followed by


For example, if John Smith was in Year 2 he would enter-

You will then be prompted for the password. Passwords have been send via text message to you. If you haven’t received then this please contact the school and the password will be resent.

Once you have entered the password click “sign in”
You may be asked to enter these details for a second time.

Once signed in the airhead homepage should look exactly as it looks at school. From here you can access anything that you would normally access when at the academy.

Children should click on ‘Launchpads’ at the top to find their personal page, which should have access to Microsoft TEAMs (if your child’s class have been using it in ICT)


It must be noted that the children’s school email account is for school use only and not to be used for personal messages to be sent outside school.

What does this mean for my child?
Your child can access their Airhead from any internet-enabled device at home such as; tablet/iPad, smart phone, laptop, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. Any problems please email